These samples represent a few items you can produce with the looms. Your imagination and creativity are limitless.

Shopping bag wrap: 10 loops in pattern 3, 2, 3, 2
Bag wrap Another view
Baby bouncer: 16 loops, 8 rows, T-shirt twine
Baby bounder: another view
Hammock One: 16 loops on the first prototype loom, using recycled mule tape
Hammock in process: 24 loops, recycled mule tape
Hammock two: 23 loops 5 ft wide, recycled mule tape and colored webbing 10 ft long made by festival participants Prototype Festival November 2017
Hammock three: 13 loops recycled mule tape and T-shirt twine, made by the children at Phoenix Children’s Museum March 2019
Hanging planter in progress: 8 loops, T-shirt twine
Closeup of T-shirt twine on loom for planter
Planter from T-shirt twine in use
Hanging planter in use: 4 loops, smaller loom
Decorative Hat or flower: 12 loops, small loom
Hats or decorative flower