We invented a circular loom (Patent D855666) for collaborative weaving. We seek to sell licenses to manufacture the loom and welcome help to refine our most advanced prototype.

Proof of concepts have performed impeccably in public festivals, since 2017. The loom accommodates five to six people of any age or physical ability. It accommodates wheelchairs. Participants weave using motions of giving and receiving. But one person can use the loom just as easily.

Materials for weaving are heavier and stronger than yarn, but easy to manipulate, even for children’s hands. Many materials are recycled.

Browse these pages to see the looms, materials, and photos from festivals.



Interactive events

Process is at least as important as products. Community weaving is fun for groups and the whole family. All ages can engage in the actions of giving and receiving as the weaving materials pass around the loom. Our commitment to a community experience takes precedence over profit.


  • Mesa Prototyping Festival (November 2017)
  • Southwest Maker’s Festival (February 2018)
  • Wells Fargo Art Walk (January 2019)
  • Southwest Maker’s Festival (February 2019)
  • Phoenix Children’s Museum (May 2019)


  • One Million Cups, Phoenix AZ  (August 2019)
  • Seed Spot, Phoenix AZ (October 2019)

small Loom hats n planter

Different looms and materials

Movable pegs and small, medium, or large looms allow great variation in the size or style of products. These looms are unique. Products shown include: A hat, floral decorations, and a hanging planter.

Next steps

We have recently revised our Vision for the future. We need marketers to help us see through on our ideas for expansion and use of materials.

Contact us to further our discussion. We welcome anyone, really.

  • Festival organizers, community service organizations, and groups to continue our exposure and interactions with the community.
  • Angel investors who can help with our costs of refining prototypes, such as use of state-of-the-art 3D printing materials.
  • Marketers to help reach out to interested organizations.